Aerial target for air-air or ground-air infrared missiles

Cible Autonome Rapide Infrarouge pour tirs Nocturnes avec Evasives (fast target with Infra-red signature for night shoots with escaping manoeuvers).

Carine has been design for shooting training with ground to air missiles by night. It is simulating a threat as close to reality as possible, in the fields of speed, visual detection, radar signature and infrared signature.

Specifics :

  • Simulate a fighter aircraft infra-red signature as close to the reality as possible, by night and day;
  • Avoid the use of pyrotechnics devices to avoid their cons (safety, unrealistic punctual source);
  • Availability against weapon systems;
  • Patent pending of the infrared system in France, the USA, as well as PCT procedure for the remaining of the world;
  • High speed (110 m/s) compared to traditional targets.

Caracteristics :

  • First flights in 1998;
  • Target motorized by a 30 kg jet engine;
  • Composite materials built ( glass fiber, carbon fiber, nomex… );
  • Takeoff from the ground with a pneumatic launcher;
  • Equipped with a recovery chute;
  • Equipped with an autopilot;
  • GPS navigation and follow up from a ground station;
  • Presented to many countries;
  • Smoke device with tailpipe injection;
  • Flights done in the CEL (flying test center).