Low cost aerial target

Low cost aerial Target
Army training required new economic and fast aerial targets, with escape maneuver capacity.
DIAMOND target has been designed to be as fast as possible (130 m/s) with a small gaz turbine.
DIAMOND was optimized to have the best aerodynamic performance. DIAMOND integrates a lot of aerodynamic research : turbine fitted in the fuselage, laminar airfoil, low drag shape ….
This is a derivative from an original design drawn by Eric RANTET.
It can be fitted with a fully automatic autopilot, with multi targets capacity and a flight endurance up to 30 minutes
DIAMOND has been also designed to be fitted with a lunberg lens (10 cm) in the nose to have a large radar cross section detection.
DIAMOND is fitted with a retractable landing gear for take off and landing.

The performance, speed, climb rate, manoeuvrability, and economic design of DIAMOND outclass all the turbine and propelled targets.

DIAMOND specifications

  • Span: 2.47 m;
  • Length: 3.35 m;
  • Empty weight: 19 kg;
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 29 kg;
  • Swept wing with laminar airfoil;
  • Turbine : 1 micro turbine 220 Newton thrust;
  • Fuel capacity : 12 litres;
  • Speed : 110 m/s to 130 m/s ( ISA conditions);
  • Endurance : about 30 minutes;
  • Full carbon construction.