Low cost aerial target for air-air missiles

Army training required new economic and fast aerial targets, with escape maneuver capacity.

CELIA target has been designed to be as fast as possible (170 m/s) with a small gaz turbine. It is fitted with a fully automatic autopilot, with multi targets capacity and a flight endurance up to 30 minutes
CELIA has been also designed to be fitted with a large lunberg lens (8’’, 20 cm) in the nose to have a large radar cross section detection.

CELIA was developped around his small gaz turbine to have the best aerodynamic performance. CELIA integrates a lot of aerodynamic research : turbine fitted in the fuselage, laminar airfoil, low drag shape ….
Design by AVIATION DESIGN, CELIA is fully made in carbon fiber and honeycomb, this allows this target to be very light for its size.

The performances are really exceptional and unique likened to classical target currently available.

CELIA is able to take off from ground with a trolley or can take off from a pneumatic catapult. Landing is only possible with a parachute recovery.

CELIA can be used in a lot a different missions due to its large carrying capacity : IR flares, liquid smoker in the tailpipe, active or passive transponders, acoustic miss distance indicator, Lüneberg lens, chaff dispenser, …

CELIA is fitted with an automatic pilot ( electronic computer and gyroscope). The flight track is followed by a ground station using a GPS. The speed, altitude, … are also relayed on the ground
The auto pilot checks every time the ground information. CELIA is fitted with a recovery parachute who can be opened every time by the auto pilot or by the ground station.

CELIA characteristics :

  • Span: 2.20 m;
  • Length: 2.80 m;
  • Takeoff weight: 36 kg;
  • Wing with laminar airfoil;
  • Turbine : 1 micro turbine 400 Newton thrust;
  • Fuel capacity : 18 litres;
  • Maxi speed : 170 m/s;
  • Endurance : about 30 minutes;
  • Full carbon construction;
  • Takeoff from the ground with a pneumatic launcher;
  • Equipped with a recovery chute;
  • Equipped with an autopilot;
  • GPS navigation and follow up from a ground station.