Design and production of a scalable demonstrator for scientific research and experimentation

Zephyr system is a simple, strong, long flight endurance and multi-missions demonstrator. His large bay allows to carry a lot of payloads and equipment for experimental research and service.
This system is a derivative from the Eole demonstrator.
It can carry some vertical cameras and a gyrostabilsed gimbal
Zephyr is fitted with an autopilot with GPS and ground station for long endurance flight.

Zephyr has been CAD designed and drawn by Aviation Design with the ONERA participation.

Zephyr characteristics:

  • Large aspect ratio flying surface;
  • Twin boom configuration;
  • Span: 6,75 m;
  • Length: 3.05 m;
  • Wing area: approximately 2,6 sqm;
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 150 kg;
  • Empty weight: 95 kg;
  • Payload mass: 50 kg;
  • Fixed main gear fitted with hydraulic Beringer brakes;
  • Powerplant: 3W Motoren 32 HP, 2 stroke engine;
  • Fuel capacity : 20 liters;
  • Endurance : 5 hours;
  • Full carbon/epoxy manufacturing.

We supplied the following services on the project

  • Overall external design;
  • Aerodynamic optimization with the ONERA;
  • 3D CAD design, engine integration, landing gear design…;
  • CNC moulds milling;
  • Carbon / honeycomb molding;
  • General assembly;
  • Autopilot design and production;
  • Electrical loom design;
  • Experimental ground pilot station design.